Monday, October 2, 2017

Looking back...

When you lose a lot of weight it's just hard to look back. It's hard to look at photos of when you were overweight and you remember how miserable you felt. It's hard to think that it could have been different if just... you knew better.

In 2004, just a few years after getting married and having my first child, I looked like this...

In 2010, six years later, after having my 4th child, I looked like this...

As you can see things weren't getting any better or prettier! LOL Some people would say that's the price you pay for having children, but I disagree. I know people who had children, 4 exactly and didn't look like that. My Mom is one I can think of! As well as other women who eat a plant based diet and didn't gain this amount of weight. I cannot blame genetics, I can only blame my food choices!

Here's me in 2013, after going wheat free and then Paleo.... both diets very high in animal protein and fat. Not very different from before... I mainly cut down on processed foods but I was still eating high animal protein and fat: eggs, meat, chicken, ricota, cheese, goat's milk.... yeah, veggies and fruits but a LOT of animal protein and fat. Every meal had eggs, cheese or meat and cheese.

Things changed when I ditched the cheese, the meat, the eggs, the fat and the animal protein. I can tell you I am not deficient in protein and I eat enough fats. Check out my instagram account to see the amount of plant protein and fats I get every day. But now I am healthy. I have energy. When I wake up in the morning I am no longer dreading my day, cranky and in a fog. I am rested and ready to jump out of bed and face the day! I actually stretch, do push ups and even a little dance sometimes! LOL

I lost weight but most important my life changed INSIDE and OUT.

And here's the latest update.



Sunday, January 29, 2017

How I lost 60 pounds and revolutionized my life.

I love food. 
I love to eat.
I love to cook.

If someone had just told me that I could eat the above without guilt, without measuring portions, without counting calories, it would have been hard to believe...

If someone had just told me that I would eat cookies to my satisfaction without guilt and I would feel nourished and happy, instead of full, sick and guilty...

If someone had just told me that breakfast would be quick, delicious and healthy...

If someone had just told me that I would have pizza 
and not miss the cheese at all...

If someone had just told me that desserts would be healthy, guiltless and nutritious...

If I had known that potatoes are healthy food and actually help you lose weight...

If I had known that my favorite meals would look more like desserts than normal food and they would nourish and fuel me instead of make me sick and fat...

If someone had told me that I would love salads 
and crave them...

If I had known that beans would be my go to ingredient even in baked yummy goodies like brownies and be a favorite of the whole family...

If I could only have known that I wouldn't have to give up on my favorite flavors. They might look different but taste and be better for me... 

 If I only knew that I would be able 
to eat carbs without guilt...

If I only knew that I wouldn't have to give up on my favorite textures. I wouldn't have to exchange 
deliciousness for health...

Well... I am telling you... it's possible.

At the end of the blog post there is a link to the interview I gave to Elena Wilkins.
It's possible!!!

Eating the good stuff,

Friday, January 20, 2017

What if ?

Most of us don't give a second thought on the nutrition value of what we are putting into our mouths and subsequently into our bodies.

Most of us don't realize that those items are the fuel to our life.

What if we did?

What if we stopped to consider what is the nutrition value of our breakfast? What if we realized that our breakfast has zero phytonutrients and antioxidants (those important plant compounds that have healing and restorative properties)?

What if we learned that our breakfast is clogging up our arteries and could cause a heart attack? What if we learned that the pain in our hands, knee or body is caused by what we are gorging at the fast food joint?

What if we learned that all we had to do is change what we eat to see the pain go away? To see the pounds melt away. To feel lighter, have more energy, begin smiling again...

Would we be willing to change? Would we be willing to learn to eat different foods? Learn to begin again ?

It's not easy but it's not impossible.

We could make a plan. We could set up strategies to help with temptations and pitfalls. We could pause daily to become aware of what we like, what we look for when we eat.

What kind of textures are we drawn to? What kind of flavors? Do we prefer sweet, savory, spicy? How often do I eat and why? When do I grab that cup of coffee or the sweet in the office?

We could then begin replacing those foods for real nutrition.

The 2 o'clock pick me up coffee could be an apple with a handful of nuts. Or an ice cold peanut butter flavored smoothie. Or some celery sticks with hummus.  Or just plain water because I'm not really hungry, just thirsty.

There are so many ways to create change in our lives.

I would love to help you. Reach out if you need help brainstorming how to go about starting a whole foods plant based lifestyle.

Don't get overwhelmed. Take one meal at a time. Begin with breakfast or supper. Pick a meal. The one that would be the easiest for you to implement. It doesn't have to be complicated.

I'll show you some examples next time.

What are some of the changes you want to see in your life?

Sometime in 2014

March 2016
For more photos, check out the previous posts.

Eating the good stuff, :)


Thursday, July 28, 2016

This where I am on my journey today...

 So this is me on May 31st, 2015. I had been going strong on a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle for 11 weeks and had shed 27 pounds. I weighed 211 pounds and was wearing a very old pair of pants that I hadn't put on since 2002. Pants were a 
size 18W.

I felt great. Had more energy, was exercising and walking almost daily. 

When I saw this photo, I thought I looked SHORT. :/

It really did not depict how I felt on the inside.

This is me 2 days ago - July 26, 2016.

Weight 171 pounds. Wearing a brand new pair of jeans
size 11 youth. 

Feeling great.
Comfortable in my
new skin and body. 
I feel TALL! :)

My desire is to
keep going and reach
150 pounds and
then see what's next. 

In May of last year I could not foresee what I would look like or how I would feel this year. I just knew that I was feeling pretty great then and the results were showing up quickly and pain free. I wanted to keep going and that's what I did.

I still feel the same. I want to keep moving forward. 
I don't know where I will end up but I know it will be good. :)

What journey have you been on? How are you feeling? 

Eating the good stuff,